(HASAN ZAINNURI, K2206018, FKIP UNS, 2009)

English as international language has important role in everyone’s daily life in the world. As stated on Encarta Dictionary (2008), English is learned as a second language for purposes of education, employment, entertainment, electronic communication, and traveling by a rapidly increasing number of people worldwide, approaching around one and two billion people. English is spoken in more parts of the world than any other languages. It is clear that English is important to be learned by people.

Recently, english skill is one of the most important requirements which is needed in job vacancy (Artsiyanti, 2002). The students who will seek for a job; they should provide themselves with good English skill in order to be accepted. They should have good English skills. Those English skills are speaking, writing, reading, and listening.

Nowadays, student’s English skill is still low. They have lack of vocabulary. To solve those problems, some of the students take the English course. Whereas, many English courses ask much money for the course cost. Moreover, the facilities and materials given are not good enough.

The students hope that they will have better English skills after passing the course. Nevertheless, they are confused with the  service of the course. The facilities are not complete for learning English and the method of teaching English used is not interesting and very boring. They spent their time to attend the English course between their lecture and organization time. They have paid so much money for the course cost. In fact, their English skill doesn’t improve significantly.

English as a mean of communication is used in high technology development. For instance, English is used in computer program internet language. It means that each time people use computer or internet, they will find the use of English. Fortunately, college students can take many benefits from it. They will get many advantages such as searching the data from internet and learning English by using all of the facilities ordered in the internet.

Commonly, the students acquire the data for their assignment from books in library and internet in the internet cafee or hotspot area. Kaur (2006) stated that students in the internet identified the following benefits: (1). Provided opportunities for collaborative learning, (2). Save travelling time, (3). Flexibility in terms of ability to read, reflect and participate in discussions, (4). Equal opportunity in participation and (5).  Increased learning of English.  Consequently, the students’ activity of using internet is increased due to the benefits stated above.

The problems arised in this scientific papers are how the conditions of English learning method for students are and how the method of using free online English course can improve English skill. The writer orders a good alternative of English learning. It is the free online English course through internet. The writer also have creative idea that is making the method of using free online English  course so that the students wwill not confuse in learning through English online learning method. Based on the explanation above, the writer is going to write this scientific paper which entitles “The Method of Using Free Online English Course to Improve English Skill”

The free online English course through internet has more benefits and better orders than formal English course. Those benefits are the free English course cost, free download English materials and free test of English skills. Furthermore, the materials learned are easier to be understood and more interesting to be learned. The students needn’t pay a lot of money for the course. They only pay the internet connection cost. In general, many students have notebook which is can be used to connect the internet by hotspot or wireless. Luckily, they can access the website of free English course online happily without cost anything. Then, the free online English course provides many free English materials that can be downloaded by the students. The students who want to know how well their English skill is, can try the available free test. They can also have free test of TOEFL, IELTS, elementary, intermediate, and advance level test of English. Those free test are completed with the explanation for the correct answer. The students will know whether their answer of the test is correct or not directly. The free online English course also provides many materials which are interesting to be learned and easy to be understood. It will make the students more satisfied and interested in learning English on internet.

There are many websites of free online English courses through internet. The  good  websites   in  the   internet  of   those   courses   that   can   be    visited    are: 1); 2);       3); 4); 5) www. and 6)

From this scientific paper, the writer has advises for the students. It will be better if the students learn English through free online English course due to its benefits. By joining with the free online English course through internet and using the method of using it, that is, accelerated, purposed based, and cooperative method, the students are hoped to have good English skill

The full paper can be download here.

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sim on February 2nd, 2010

Menjadi mahasiswa berprestasi atau yang lebih dikenal dengan mawapres, merupakan impian bagi setiap mahasiswa.

Gelar bergengsi yang sering diperebutkan tiap tahunnya itu, tak diragukan lagi, bakal mendatangakan seabreg keuntungan bagi penyandangnya.

Tak hanya dikenal di seantero kampus perjuangan UNS ini, beasiswa bergengsi pun serasa sudah ditangan.

Info: Pemilihan Mahasiswa Berprestasi UNS di tingkat Fakultas akan diselenggarakan tanggal 5 Februari – 25 Februari 2010. Selamat berjuang calon mahasiswa berprestasi UNS.

Dapatkan Tips dan Trik Menjadi Mahasiswa Berprestasi UNS oleh Mahasiswa Berprestasi UNS 2009 – Hasan Zainnuri, Mahasiswa Prodi Bahasa Inggris Angkatan 2006, FKIP UNS.

Berikut ini adalah pedoman untuk membuat karya tulis baik PKM AI-GT, DIPA maupun Pemilihan Mahasiswa Berprestasi:

1. Pedoman PKM AI-GT dan DIPA 2010

2. Pedoman Pemilihan Mahasiswa Berprestasi 2010

3. Contoh Karya Ilmiah

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